EPISODE 36: LOCAL HEROES / LOCAL B.S. 05/06 by Chadman and Randy Show | Entertainment Podcasts

In light of recent events, CHADMAN welcomes his friend and fellow combat vet, Jordan Allman to the show to discuss veteran non-profits and how easily they can let their reputations and donations become more important than actually helping veterans. Especially when these organizations begin to fire employees for not wanting to play along and by chastising anybody who questions their actions. Both CHADMAN and Jordan were a part of one local organization in Bakersfield, CA and got to see how things are really done on the inside and away from the spotlight. They also discuss the ’22 a day’ veteran suicide statistic, which has veterans and civilians alike doing a push up challenge to bring awareness to veteran suicide. The only problem is that the numbers are inaccurate and the research does not reflect all 50 states. CHADMAN has been very vocal about this. Unfortunately, this has been proven to be upsetting to fellow veterans. But the facts and numbers do not lie. As seen here in this Washington Post article from 2015: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/02/04/the-missing-context-behind-a-widely-cited-statistic-that-there-are-22-veteran-suicides-a-day/ This episode is intended to bring awareness of it’s own: That just because an organization has money, connections, and access to the media, that does not make them the BE ALL / END ALL for veterans. And also, that all of the good deeds that they do can be erased by a few bad actions or examples of unprofessionalism.

Source: EPISODE 36: LOCAL HEROES / LOCAL B.S. 05/06 by Chadman and Randy Show | Entertainment Podcasts


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