EPISODE 22: T.J. McCALL 03/14 by Chadman and Randy Show | Entertainment Podcasts

T.J. McCall, the CEO of McCall Fitness, stops by the studio. He talks to CHADMAN about how he started his company which provides inspiration, equipment, and supplements to help people develop their bodies and improve their lives. Before creating McCall Fitness, he was a personal trainer, a law enforcement officer, and a senior certified excercise specialist for the government. In 2010, while asssisting on the scene of an accident, he was involved in a serious incident. While in physical therapy following the incident, he took what was then a drawing on a piece of paper, and bullt his first equipment prototype: the Core Bench. From there, with the help of his wife, he got involved with nutrional supplements. And today his company has grown to an incredible size. In fact his company has grown SO incredibly fast that the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, officially uses his supplements. This was an inspiring conversation and CHADMAN even got T.J. to talk about the current state of America. Him and T.J. have a lot in common in regards to their views. McCall Fitness can be found on Facebook and the website below: mccallfitness.com

Source: EPISODE 22: T.J. McCALL 03/14 by Chadman and Randy Show | Entertainment Podcasts


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